Dropped Domains Are Big Business

Domain names serve many different purposes when doing business online. For one they become a company’s identity. Anything short and catchy will be a definite plus. They also provide a permanent address/location to it’s registrant. Having said this, it is essential to pick out something that people will remember how to get back to. In order to sell on the web, you need to build up clientel and also keep it. Having your own domain name is the first step in that process. Now imagine the pressure on any company that is not sure what to name itself. All the catchiest names are no longer available and will never be registerable again, correct?

WRONG!!! What many people consider a dead and over with kind of business, is really just starting to come up: Domain names are dropping every single day. That means after they expire, the registrar let’s them drop. Those domains become available to be registered by pretty much anybody and first come first serve. You can imagine what I am getting at, right?

YES, you are correct: Domain Drops are big business and have made some individuals very wealthy. Do you think you have what it takes, to become one of those people? Now let’s see. How do you know if a name is going to expire or not? Well, you do have plenty of help to choose from there. Many drop services have established themselves online. There is the free one, the paid version and the software you can buy to get your unfiltered results on just the kinds of names that you are looking for. Now remember: Do NOT go crazy and register anything that looks good to you at the moment. It would be the worst thing you could do, and leave you with 100’s of domain names which nobody likes but you. Marketablity is what makes a name worth spending the $10 on at places like GoDaddy, NameCheap, or even Enom. “So can I take my time to register those names?” Absolutely not. When you see a good name available, go get it. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, I mean RIGHT NOW!

Some of the high profile names you won’t even be able to get “by hand.” I suggest looking at the drop services of SnapNames, Pool, or even NameJet. These sites are set up like and auction for whoever is going to win the domain if the drop service is actually the lucky one that will catch it. There are many more services about to launch due to the gain in popularity of dropped domains.

Furthermore let’s face it: Names do not sell themselves without any actions whatsoever. The average internet user will not automatically assume that your domain name is actually for sale. A smart thing to do would be to put up 1 page informing visitors that your domain name “might be” for sale. Have your domain names traffic point to it and even try to get it into the search engines.

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