Dropped Domains Are Big Business

Domain names serve many dif­fer­ent pur­pos­es when doing busi­ness online. For one they become a company’s iden­ti­ty. Any­thing short and catchy will be a def­i­nite plus. They also pro­vide a per­ma­nent address/location to it’s reg­is­trant. Hav­ing said this, it is essen­tial to pick out some­thing that peo­ple will remem­ber how to get back to. In order to sell on the web, you need to build up clien­tel and also keep it. Hav­ing your own domain name is the first step in that process. Now imag­ine the pres­sure on any com­pa­ny that is not sure what to name itself. All the catchi­est names are no longer avail­able and will nev­er be reg­is­ter­able again, cor­rect? Con­tin­ue read­ing “Dropped Domains Are Big Busi­ness”