Choosing Domain Names For Your Websites

Domain names are the identifying addresses of websites. The domain name of tells you where to find Bob’s Burgers on the internet. The internet is actually based upon IP addresses, so the domain names are related to a domain name server (DNS) system used to translate the domain name into and IP address.

When purchasing a domain name, you should attempt to relate it to an actual business, person or entity. In this way it is more unique and easier to remember. It also makes a nice email handle that people can remember as well, such as

When you buy domain names, you will also have to find a hosting company to host the domain name so that you can get onto the internet. Companies like GoDaddy, namecheap, 1&1, Hostgater, and DotEasy are hosting companies. Hosting companies also sell domain names, for various prices.

Namecheap is just what the name implies, the domains are very inexpensive. DotEasy has domains that are more expensive than most, but their hosting fees are free, with upgrades for more advanced services. In the middle are Hostgator and 1&1, whose domain prices are moderate and so are their hosting fees. GoDaddy is a little higher on their prices, but they have a lot to offer in the way of services.

In purchasing a domain name, you can do a search for the name that you would like to have to see if it is available. It may not be available with a .com extension, which is the most popular extension. It may, however be available with a .net or a .org extension which is perfectly ok.

When website building it is suggested that you should always attempt to get the title of your website into the domain name. If you have a donut shop, the domain name of would be a good domain name.

The choice of a domain name will identify you quickly for online visibility and should be chosen carefully in order to help brand your product or business.

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