Domain Names Explained

domain names explained

If you use the inter­net then you should know what domain names are. When­ev­er you vis­it web sites, the domain names appear in the address bar of the brows­er. The word address is very impor­tant, as just like your home address which allows peo­ple to find your house, a web address allows the brows­er to find a web site. The inter­nals of the inter­net, do not actu­al­ly use this address though, it is con­vert­ed to an IP address (Inter­net Pro­to­col), and it is that num­ber in the for­mat of that is the actu­al address.

Domain names often con­tain the words that the site is about. So a site about guinea pig homes, will pos­si­bly be called So if you are look­ing to reg­is­ter a domain, then give a clue to what the site is actu­al­ly about in the name. How­ev­er, this is not always the case, but by using a name that does not cor­re­spond with the sites sub­ject you will need to build up a brand. Exam­ples of this kind of thing is Apple and Sam­sung. We only know what they sell as they have built up a well-known brand around those names. Con­tin­ue read­ing “Domain Names Explained”