Ebola.com Sold To Medical Pot Company For $200,000


While scientists are trying to contain the outbreak of Ebola, some entrepreneurs are cashing in on the hysteria. One Internet domain name trader has sold Ebola.com to a medical marijuana company in a deal worth $200,000.

The domain owned by the Nevada-based Blue String Ventures was sold to the Weed Growth Fund, Inc. and its subsidiary Cannabis Sativa, Inc. which promote the medical use of marijuana.

Chris Hood and Jon Schultz, who own a total of 5,000 domain names in their portfolio were offered, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, some $50,000 in cash and 19,192 shares of Cannabis Sativa worth close to $170,000.

That is over $200,000 in profit after the original purchase of the domain in 2008 for $13,500 by Nevada-based Blue String Ventures. Continue reading “Ebola.com Sold To Medical Pot Company For $200,000”

Buying Domain Names For Business And Profit

business domain names

There are many reasons why people buy domain names and the introduction of different types of domains over recent years means there is plenty of opportunity to find a name to suit your needs. In this article, we will look at the variety of uses for a domain name and why people purchase them.

The original purpose of domain names was for businesses and organizations to match their business brand and name to their website. This is still the case today as any new business setting up a website will require a domain to do so. The most well known extension is dot com but for this very reason it is the most difficult to register your domain of choice, as many names have already been taken. It may be that you will still be able to find a suitable name but if not, you have the option of looking at other extensions. Continue reading “Buying Domain Names For Business And Profit”

Domain Names Explained

domain names explained

If you use the internet then you should know what domain names are. Whenever you visit web sites, the domain names appear in the address bar of the browser. The word address is very important, as just like your home address which allows people to find your house, a web address allows the browser to find a web site. The internals of the internet, do not actually use this address though, it is converted to an IP address (Internet Protocol), and it is that number in the format of that is the actual address.

Domain names often contain the words that the site is about. So a site about guinea pig homes, will possibly be called guineapighomes4u.com. So if you are looking to register a domain, then give a clue to what the site is actually about in the name. However, this is not always the case, but by using a name that does not correspond with the sites subject you will need to build up a brand. Examples of this kind of thing is Apple and Samsung. We only know what they sell as they have built up a well-known brand around those names. Continue reading “Domain Names Explained”