Purchasing expired domain names

When someone chooses to register a domain name they typically have the option to purchase it anywhere from 1-3 years. As the years expire, the owner of the domain name has the option of renewing it or just letting it expire. Most people typically renew their domain name because they have a web site located there. Many domain buyers purchase hundreds of domain names that they actually never use. They buy them because they think they might use them or because they might pay off in the future if someone else wishes to purchase it from them at a certain price. When you are searching for the right domain name and you may come across some are expired or soon to be expired. Logically, you may think that you just wait until the certain expiration date and pick it up for the low, low price of $8.95 or whatever the current registrar is charging. Unfortunately, there is more to it than that. Continue reading “Purchasing expired domain names”

Domain name disputes

The advent of globalization and the internet has brought much innovations and benefits to us. Today, the world has gone smaller and data research are but at the tips of our hands. We can now access various websites that provide us with the information we need. Business was also revolutionized by the internet as more and more companies advertise and sell their products online. Along with these benefits came novel problems and conflicts. One such conflict is the domain name dispute. To understand domain name disputes, you must first understand what domain names are. Domain names are simply the internet address of a website such as yahoo.com or google.com. Oftentimes, domain names not only help to identify the website and the corporation operating it, they have also has become a trademark for the business. Continue reading “Domain name disputes”

Dropped domains are big business

Domain names serve many different purposes when doing business online. For one they become a company’s identity. Anything short and catchy will be a definite plus. They also provide a permanent address/location to it’s registrant. Having said this, it is essential to pick out something that people will remember how to get back to. In order to sell on the web, you need to build up clientel and also keep it. Having your own domain name is the first step in that process. Now imagine the pressure on any company that is not sure what to name itself. All the catchiest names are no longer available and will never be registerable again, correct? Continue reading “Dropped domains are big business”