Choosing domain names for your websites

Domain names are the identifying addresses of websites. The domain name of tells you where to find Bob’s Burgers on the internet. The internet is actually based upon IP addresses, so the domain names are related to a domain name server (DNS) system used to translate the domain name into and IP address.

When purchasing a domain name, you should attempt to relate it to an actual business, person or entity. In this way it is more unique and easier to remember. It also makes a nice email handle that people can remember as well, such as

When you buy domain names, you will also have to find a hosting company to host the domain name so that you can get onto the internet. Companies like GoDaddy, namecheap, 1&1, Hostgater, and DotEasy are hosting companies. Hosting companies also sell domain names, for various prices. Continue reading “Choosing domain names for your websites”

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Unique domain names sell for millions

Back in the “wild west” days of the Internet (the 1990s), there was a mad dash by many entrepreneurs to purchase as many unique domain names as possible. Back then, a savvy entrepreneur could buy a popular one word domain name for less than a 20 spot. But times have changed, and the Web is now big business. Accordingly, companies now spend hundreds of thousands of dollars — or even millions — purchasing just the right domain name to brand their online business. One entrepreneur who made a particularly good investment back in the 90s is Chris Clark of Maryland. Chris managed to purchase the domain name way back in 1994 for a paltry $20. He has held on to the name all these years and just recently sold it at auction this March for a staggering $2.6 million. The winning bid is more than 13,000 times Clark’s original $20 investment. Continue reading “Unique domain names sell for millions”

Purchasing expired domain names

When someone chooses to register a domain name they typically have the option to purchase it anywhere from 1-3 years. As the years expire, the owner of the domain name has the option of renewing it or just letting it expire. Most people typically renew their domain name because they have a web site located there. Many domain buyers purchase hundreds of domain names that they actually never use. They buy them because they think they might use them or because they might pay off in the future if someone else wishes to purchase it from them at a certain price. When you are searching for the right domain name and you may come across some are expired or soon to be expired. Logically, you may think that you just wait until the certain expiration date and pick it up for the low, low price of $8.95 or whatever the current registrar is charging. Unfortunately, there is more to it than that. Continue reading “Purchasing expired domain names”